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Selling your items

How much can you give me for…

 In order to make you an offer for your items, you will need to bring them in for us to look at. Unfortunately, we cannot give you an estimate based upon a picture or phone call.

Do I have to stay while you sort and purchase my items?

Yes if:

  • It’s your first time selling to us- we need you to stay for the entire process. Feel free to shop while you wait!
  • You have sold to us before, but you would like to keep the items we don’t buy. We can do a quick pre-sort and give back the items we won’t purchase. We’ll call you when your offer is ready.

No if:

  • You have sold to us before and are willing to donate the items we don’t buy. You’re welcome to drop off your items and we’ll call when your cash or check is available.
Do I need an appointment?

We do not accept appointments- our buying process is first come, first served.

    How long does the buying process take?

    Our buying process is first come, first served- the waiting time depends on how many buys are in front of you. Therefore, we recommend that you bring your items in first thing in the morning. See our Buying Hours or Contact Us

    Where do I drop off my clothing?

    Please come in through the front door and we’ll direct you to the buying desk.

    Do you buy...

    What we buy and don’t buy 

    Please contact us if you have questions about your specific items.

    Do you offer authentication services?

    No- we don’t offer a separate service for authentication.

    Do you buy replicas/knock-offs?

    No. It is against the law to sell fakes.

    What items do you buy all year round?

    We are always looking for handbags, jewelry, and accessories. We will take most shoes, such as sneakers, heels, flats, cowboy boots, and leather boots all year round. We will take most blouses, skirts, and pants as long as they’re not too Wintry (knit sweaters, heavy coats) or Summery (linen, shorts).

    When do you start purchasing seasonal items?

    January: Best of all seasons, Designer Spring/Summer

    February – June: Spring/Summer

    July: Best of all seasons, Designer Fall/Winter

    August – December: Fall/Winter

    What charities do you donate to?

    Your generous donations go to:


    Do you offer layaway?

    We do not at this time.

    Do you offer store credit?

    We only give store credit for returns. Please see our return policy under the Returns FAQ

    Can you put something on hold for me?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to hold items for customers. Our store concept is first come, first serve.

    Can you ship?

    We’re not currently set up to sell online/ship, but we hope to do so in the future. Keep checking back!

    How do you know if your designer items are real?

    Our buyers are experts in identifying fakes and authenticating genuine bags. We research all items thoroughly before purchasing.

    What's the difference between resale, consignment, and thrift?

    Resale– we take the risk in buying your items for cash up front- no waiting for your money. We buy outright (BOR)!

    Consignment– Consignment stores sell your item for a fee; once (and if) your item sells, you’ll get paid. Closet Revival is a resale store and offer cash on the spot, however we would be happy to discuss making an exception to consign certain high-end luxury items. Please contact us (link contact page) for more information.

    Thrift– Thrift stores sell items that have been donated. 



    What is your return policy?

    We work diligently to provide the best quality resale items for our customers, but due to the nature of our items (many pre-owned), everything is final sale. Thank you for your understanding!

    More Questions?

    Contact us!

    Send us a message on our Contact Us page, or give us a call during business hours @ (972) 378-9797.